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Holiday Gifting Made Easy With The Vegan Knife

Deciding on Christmas gifts this year has been challenging to say the least! A lot of our family lives in Michigan so they will be spending Christmas at home due to the Covid restrictions and did I mention that we have 7 families to prepare gifts for! Yes... I know, my husband has a lot of siblings!!!
So as we considered our options this year for Christmas gifts we thought of a lot of different things but the thing that was always at the back of our mind was-it needs to be something that the whole family can participate in-even the kids! Also, it needs to be affordable! Raise your ✋ if your job was affected during the pandemic! I am raising both hands!! ✋🤚Yes!!! Like a lot of small businesses, our small business was affected too! So, I had to come up with something creative and affordable! My husband came up with the idea of making a small baking basket! Totally giving hubby the credit on this one!
So, he embarked on a journey to the dollar store and bought a cute basket, a spatula, holiday cupcake liners, some festive potholders, and some small trinkets for the kids! To that we will be adding some of The Vegan Knife baking mixes! Total cost per basket-$15.00 including our cupcake baking mix! I know... you are probably are thinking... that I get a discount because they are our baking mixes! True... so I want to share a discount with you! It’s our gift to you during this holiday season! Use code: RH0BVKY0Y1BJ and enjoy a 15% discount (applies only to our individual baking mixes)! I hope your holiday season is filled with wonderful memories, love, and a lot of The Vegan Knife treats!
Happy Baking!

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