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Sprinkles of Holiday Cheer Campaign

This Christmas we are launching our most exciting campaign yet! But, before we tell you what we are doing, I want to share with you how this idea came to be!
I just finished the Stacy’s Rise Project! This was an amazing opportunity that taught me a lot about my company but it also shined a light on defining my company’s DNA! When I think about what’s important to me, it really comes down to giving to others and sharing the blessings that have been given to me!
When I look around, we see so much division, disparity, and need! The need for kindness amongst humanity is evident but equally evident is the need that people still have for basic necessities like food! Even though we are a small business, we wanted to do our part to spread kindness and help feed families during Christmas! So…..we decided to start the SPRINKLES OF HOLIDAY CHEER campaign!
The Sprinkles of Holiday Cheer campaign will run from December 5-12, 2021. During this time, for every act of kindness you share with us we will donate a food item to the local food pantry (up to 500 items)! AND….. because we really believe that kindness makes our world a better place… we will pay it forward and do a Giveaway! Please visit our Instagram page, for more information about this amazing campaign!

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